Online course

Our friends from Eliademy, Finnish-based educational MOOC platform, agreed to put our course as "Featured" in their catalog. Eliademy Course iteration starts 04 May 2015 and ends 07 June 2015.

Click here to enroll.

All the course videos are published on this LibreJS-friendly web site. However, participation in this course on Eliademy MOOC platform gives you more learning benefits:

  • Ability to test and improve your knowledge by taking quizzes. The course contains five quizzes (one per week).
  • Discussion of the material you learn with other course participants through course forums.
  • You will feel the pulse of the course by going through it with your study mates. People are social and communication helps us to learn better.
  • You can receive Statement of Accomplishment and share it with your friends and colleagues.