Support and Credits


This course would not exist without support of certain people and organizations.


  • Eliademy made a huge technical and organizational contribution. It would not be possible to make video recordings without their assistance with equipment and travel arrangements.


  • Richard M. Stallman, Founder of FSF. It is 100% clear that this course would not exist without him and his very active and professional contribution.
  • Sotiris Makrygiannis, Eliademy co-founder & CEO. He has initiated the whole project and provided outstanding support (from Eliademy side and also as a person) to make it happen.
  • Tuomo Ryynänen A lot of thanks to Tuomo and his family for providing a space for filming the videos and their warm and patient attitude to the restless guests.
  • Pasi Husso for helping with producing videos, creating most of the slides and music theme for the course.

Your support is needed

We need help in the following areas:

  • Translations and subtitles
  • Spreading the world about this course
  • Launching this course in the online educational platforms you have access to

Translations and subtitles

The course currently has no translations and very limited subtitles support (only in Introduction video).

The project is started in order to facilitate work on subtitles and translations:

By participating in this project you will:

  • Improve your English skills and understanding of the subject (Free Digital Society)
  • Get a real experience on working with a free software which can be useful for your daily tasks
  • Get your line in the "Credits" section of this page

Clone git repo, find untranslated and/or unscripted videos and start your journey!

Spreading the world about this course

More people are aware of this course, more chances they will take it and will become educated in the subject this course is dedicated to - Free Digital Society. We need your help in order to spread the information about this course!

Bringing this course to the new platforms

The course content is licensed under Creative Commons license and can be freely redistributed (even for commercial purposes. Because freedom is not about price at all). More students have access to this course (through the local universities or online platforms), more chances humanity goes on the road to the Free Digital Society and not the opposite.

Currently we are working on making this course available in the Common Cartridge format which will make it super easy to import the course content to the LMS you use.


My contacts can be found here.